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Art is a unifier; it has been a true passion of mine for many years. I remember years ago seeing an ad saying You Too Can Paint so I called and enrolled in art classes with the late Bill Velmure. Sure enough in just my first lesson I created a wonderful painting. I was hooked! Painting to me is a stress buster and I get tons of joy as a side effect that is why I am so excited to co- produce the Matisse & Merlot Boston chapter, in my neighborhood. We are all under such stresses today our minds need a break, Matisse & Merlot can give you that break. We will let ART transport you to new place. Give us for 2-3 hours and many of you will be transported to a new frontier, filled with color, music wine and YOU will have the ability to create some ART. As artist YOU can CREATE ANYTHING!! I know that this experience will refresh your mind and who knows what other amazing things can happen. So join us for a truly magical night. All you need to do is show up in painting cloths and we will take care of all the details.

Let us show you the hidden artist that lies within you.
The possibilities are endless!

Your Producer,

Frankie Boyer


Jean-Pierre Dubreuil was born in France in 1952. His artistic talents developed as early as school where his caricatures earned him many detentions. After perfectly boring business and law studies he worked in the corporate world traveling in many countries in Europe, the Middle and Far-East. For the last 10 years he has been working with Gema Philips, a local artist who has helped him discover the joys of monotyping. Teaching brings another window into creativity while sharing with peers and students. Painting can be a convivial activity. He and his wife Dana are the parents of two almost adult children and a small, highly indulged rabbit. They live in Boston’ South End.

Ann Babbitt is our new Reservation & Hospitality Specialist. She is available at for all your reservation and class schedule questions! We welcome Ann to our team.


With a BA in Fine Arts and additional NYC ad classes, I had a 15 year career doing ad design and writing. Once I had our children, I began journal-drawing our adventures, capturing places we went and things we did.  Today I sell paintings through Saltbox Gallery in Topsfield, judge art shows, and demonstrate to art groups like Matisse and Merlot,  hoping to pass on this skill which brings me such joy.  I try to introduce the basics about balance and design, and the choice of color to bring things forward or back…but in a few hours at M&M, what’s most important is that you have brought yourself into a canvas, your unique view, and gained some additional learning from viewing the other paintings. Each night, the truth is not found in one painting, but in all the paintings. 


  Karen Nastuk

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