Matisse & Merlot Bostontm                                                                                       ....Frankie Boyer Brings You The Premier Painting Experience

The Frankie Boyer Show

Frankie Boyer can be heard in numerous major radio markets such as Boston, St. Louis, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Detroit, Lexington, Pittsburgh, Stamford- Norwalk, and Jackson. Frankie’s shows are also available via internet and podcasting. She has an impressive guest list that draws attention, including Suzanne Somers, Tony Horton, Harry Connick Jr., Deepak Chopra, and Dr.Oz. Over the last two years she has been building her list of listeners utilizing social media. Frankie Boyer’s social media can be found on The Frankie Boyer Show Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Shine, Wellsphere, and

Frankie Boyer is a published author, co-authoring The Promise of HCG and Ped-i-cure: Life is Unpredictable. Frankie is the HCG expert for Healing Essence Center Simmeon program for HCG health enhancement. In addition she is currently developing the distribution of her popular gluten free cookie and toffee line. Frankie Boyer is also the owner of Matisse & Merlot Boston the premier painting party experience for the class and corporate setting.

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Hear Frankie LIVE! 11 AM everyday or 3 PM everyday
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